Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here I have been working on my yoga practice and becoming more flexible everyday. I even got myself into mermaid pose a few days ago.
This is not an easy pose for anyone to get themselves into, so I was elated when I accomplished it with witnesses around me at the gym......much to the chagrin of my knee. I managed to hyperextend my knee while in this pose and have been nursing it back to health ever since.

I've been very focused on increasing my flexiblity and feel I have achieved a good range that I now want to step up my strength so I can take my yoga practice to the next level.

But I find it funny that as I switch my focus to increasing my upper body strength, my knee gives me trouble. My legs are very strong, so there's really no need to focus on that part of my body as much right now anyway. It's as though my knee is ensuring that my legs don't get a work out right now so I can in fact work on my upper body strength and really focus on it.

Here are a few pictures of what I hope to do with that strength:

The trainer I'm working with is a gymnast and has been putting me through the I'm glad he hasn't had the opportunity work my legs......yet. However I think it's an interesting coincidence that as I switch my focus something happens that ensure the focus stays on where I want to work. It's like the universe is conspiring on my behalf. I'll take it! More on this later.

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  1. Great post! I never used a trainer... but I did yoga for 3 years. I miss it. I once got into lotus pose... I think I hurt for a week.

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