Thursday, June 18, 2009

Social Conspiracy??

While I was at the gym yesterday, I was listening to my audio book of The Secret because I felt I needed a dose of inspiration. I was listening to it while I was on the treadmill and hearing what was said about the fact that thoughts become things and the power to create the life I want is merely a thought away. Well, as we all know, gyms have TVs on all the time. And I was frustrated because I kept getting distracted by the TV as I was listening and realized I was missing part of my audio book because of the TV.

And then it HIT me like a ton of bricks! OMG! How could I be so blind? Society is being brainwashed and forgetting how to think for themselves because of all the TV that we as a planet consume! Okay, so that sounds a bit paranoid, but stay with me. In The Secret, a bit of history is given about the origins of the Secret and how it has traveled through time.....if you have seen the movie or read the book, you know of what I speak. For most of history there has been no television......only for the past 100 years or so has the technology been around, but ever since the television entered people's homes, people have shut their minds off.....and with it, their imagination and power of visualization. Think about it......why would we use our imagination when the television provides us with all the images? If you have seen the commercial for HULU with Alec Baldwin, you should be scared by that.....because even though it's meant to be's pretty damn close to the truth.

And when you consider all of the powerful and wealthy people of the world, how many of them do you think spend a lot of time in front of the boob-tube? Very few I'm sure! It makes me wonder if the the television is a tool for keeping the power within the powerful and keeping everyone else in the dark about their own personal power and spiritual abilities. Okay, so this still sounds like I've fallen off my rocker and hit my head, just keep up.

As a child, yes, I watched a lot of television, but I also played outside a lot! My family had woods behind our house where I played and spent a lot of time. As I grew, I spent more time in front of the TV and I think that hindered my creativity, but I never forgot my childhood spent playing in the woods and still often cling to that for inspiration. I found that one of the biggest drawbacks to watching too much TV is that we as a society are fed all these opinions and ideals from politics to beauty and our attention is so focused on these things that we forget to focus on our purpose on this planet and finding our true happiness. TV has played an integral part in keeping human beings from realizing our true potential because we get so wrapped up in the drama and so called "reality" that is fed to our brains through television. I can honestly say that I have a hard time visualizing because I have become so distracted by things I've seen on TV or other images that are media produced.

We need to become a human race again that knows how to use their minds for the things they were intended for and that's manifesting our happiest life and dreams. Not wallowing in hours of mind numbing mellow drama that is sure to leave us less creative and less powerful in the long run. Children today spend WAY too much time in front of the TV and in front of video kids included.....and now that I've had this epiphany, I feel really bad for subjecting them to the mind musher. I want my kids to be imaginative and play outside and make up games and stories with wonderful characters and really begin to visualize what they want their life to be when they grow up. It has to start young, or they may just get confused about what they want to do by all the mixed messages on the TV and never really find and pursue what they love. There is probably nothing worse than being stuck in a limbo where you can't figure out what your life purpose is.

More on this later.

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