Friday, November 27, 2009


At times we find ourselves
Standing amidst a storm of chaos and uncertainty
Wondering if we shall weather its force.

Unsure of our own abilities
In this new and unfamiliar situation,
We can either retreat to the relative safety of our comfort zone
Or we can learn to adapt and survive.
Finding the gift within the struggle.

It helps to know that these new and unsettling challenges
Would not be bestowed upon us
Unless we were ready to meet them head on
And grow from the experience into more intelligent, capable and divine beings.

~ Kristen Luther ~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Broken, Yet Whole

We have moments in our lives
That change us forever,
Shattering beliefs and ideals;
And visions of how we expect our life to play out.

In that moment, we are broken, yet whole
Knowing that as we pick up the pieces
And reassemble them, into perhaps a more colorful mosaic
Life becomes new, a rebirthing has taken place.
And life takes on a different perspective.

How we choose to perceive this new life makes all the difference.

~ Kristen Luther ~


We are each brilliantly cut gemstones in our own right;
Each facet shining brightly colored light
On who we truly are.....

Our gifts and our talents
Our strengths and our weaknesses
Our victories and our challenges

Each cut shapes us.
While some cuts may be tricky
And potentially damaging;
It’s those cuts that show our truest strength and beauty
From every angle
And from every facet

It’s those cuts that make us shine
More brilliantly today than we did yesterday
And tomorrow more brilliantly than today.

~ Kristen Luther ~

Universal Truth

Listen to and open yourself to the Universe.
Surrender to its will.
Let go of the need to control the order and outcome of your life,
and just enjoy the ride.

When we move with the current instead of against it,
possibilities present themselves
that we would’ve otherwise missed
because of fear and mistrust.

Allow the unexpected
and everyday will yield a new surprise;
the gift of a more joyful existence.

~Kristen Luther~