Monday, April 27, 2009

An Awakening?

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Lissy this weekend before she had to be at a baby shower for another of her dear friends. We got our iced teas, sat down and caught up before taking a walk around downtown Katonah to reap the benefits of the amazing and unseasonably warm weather. We stopped in on a few shops, many of which I'd never seen before. Katonah has experienced a lot of turnover, but there are a few shops that thankfully have stayed the course. The first shop we visited catered mostly to trendy older women who like to wear the very bold prints. The clothing wasn't exactly my speed, but there was a very cute book that Lissy and I began to thumb through and read passages called, If Women Ran The World, Shit Would Get Done. Knowing how the economy must be affecting the Katonah businesses, I decided to purchase the book as my contribution and to show my support. Did I need the book....absolutely not.....but the shop needed my support....and I was happy to give it.

Next, Lissy and I ventured into a shop that has been in business for about 20 years, called Offerings. They have the most wonderful artisan created goods there from pottery, to jewelry and a host of carved wood pieces. The shop is very ecclectic and looks like it caters more to the "organic" crowd, which I am proud to say I am a part of. While in the shop, I asked the owner how things have been for her with the economy being the way it is. She said things have been pretty bad and that many of the shops in Katonah are going to go under. I purchased a pair of earrings to show my support(and who knows, that may be the $20 that makes all the difference for her), I wished her the very best of luck and Lissy and I continued our walk around Katonah discussing life and what good may be coming out of the current economic "crisis".

We theorized that probably the best thing that could come out of this recession is having more people in the world who have stepped back to reassess their lives and their true purpose after having been laid off or lost thier business. Usually what happens when people experience a crisis such as losing a job, they start to ask the typical questions, "why?, how could this happen?, what is my purpose?". When a person asks these questions, they begin to question the universe which is the root of all organized religion and belief system on the planet. Ultimately, people begin to open up to the mystery and possibilities the universe holds for us and thus brings an awakening in human consciousness.

So, the recession has created much stress and hardship for many people, but if we just look at the silver lining and the opportunity to truly explore the possibilities instead of wallowing in fear and angst, the earth would be filled with enlightened and awakened people who can appreciate the lessons in life and reasons for why things happen the way they do. In my opinion, let the lay offs continue, let the businesses fail. The more people there are in a crisis, the more opportunity there is for a true awakening in human consciousness and perhaps a better chance for world peace in the future.

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