Sunday, May 24, 2009


For as long as I can remember, I've always had a strong intuition. Sad thing is that I never listened to it. I always second guessed it's honesty about people and situations and ultimately found myself in unfavorable situations as a result. I can clearly remember being in a situation and everything in me said to walk away or don't do something, but I'd do it anyway because either I was having too much fun or I just discounted my intuition as being paranoid.

What few people fail to realize is that intuition is more that just that little person standing on your shoulder advising you about you next's a direct link to a higher power that will NEVER lead you astray and will always guide you down the right path. Why is it then that so few of us trust this this little voice that implores us start up a conversation with a complete stranger that could be the key to finding a piece of our happiness or to not drive the normal route to get to the doctor and avoid being held up by an accident?

The answer: is different for everyone. Most people don't recognize that tell tale twinge in their gut as a sign to follow what their gut is telling them. That twinge can be mistaken for nervousness, constipation, hunger or any abdominal ailment. But the fact is, if a there is a big decision to be made, that twinge will be more pronounced. And if the decision that one is leaning toward is the wrong one, that gut twinge will be really strong.....imploring the decision maker to come up with a better option. Only when there is a comfort and calm around the decision will one know that all is well. And the universe will unfold what it has in store based upon that decision.

Now, most people may feel that this is faulty logic because perhaps comfortable decisions have been made in the past that resulted is less than favorable outcomes. However, one must remember that our gut will never lie to us. There is a reason for everything and if unfavorable outcomes occur based upon a comfortable gut decision, one needs to step back and take in the whole picture. Perhaps that less than favorable outcome opened the doors to a new opportunity or new people that could take life in a different direction than was planned, which leads to personal fulfilment and happiness. Of course the flip side of the coin is that once one has experienced an unfavorable outcome based upon a comfortable gut decision, they are less apt to trust their gut in the future. The key is to have unwavering faith that one's gut will not lie and that life will unfold as it should.

It's a hard lesson to learn or re-learn in my case, but I'm working on it. I'll do little exercises while I'm out and about running errands. I'll ask my gut which way we should go and whichever way has no twinge is the way I go. There is also a link here on this blog to the left, under my lables to Rediscover Your Intuition. Aine Belton is fabulous and full of insight to help sharpen your intuitive skills. Intuition is a crucial and yet primitive skill to have, so best to leverage it.

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